Tuesday 2 December 2014

Christmas Cards

Here's some lovely Christmas Cards to send to all your friends and family! They're all reasonably priced, and a little different to what you might usually buy or receive.

1. Baby Penguin Card - £3.50* - Bond and Fox
2. Mr Fox Card - £3.25* - Bond and Fox
3. Pugs in Blanket Card - £2.50 - Nook and Cranny
4. Spruced Up Greeting Card - £2.50 - OhhDeer
5. Christmas Operation Game Card - £2.50 - Paperchase
6. Dress Up a Penguin Card - £3.75 - Notonthehighstreet

I love receiving cards that I can use again, I often keep them to be framed if they'd look nice around the house, and don't have 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY' or 'MERRY CHRISTMAS' written all over them!

*Bond and Fox sell amazing cards and prints, all designed by their in-house designers. They're all for creating original designs that turn heads and challenge the norm. I was so excited to find out about them, they're basically everything I look for in a card! They've very kindly given me a discount code for my readers to use, just enter PLD10 and receive a 10% discount! 

Saturday 29 November 2014

Christmas Gifts for The Stationery Lover

I loooooooooooooove stationery. I've always found myself in the stationery aisle of any shop for way longer than any other aisle. I could spend hours in Paperchase, and buy half the shop if I could afford it.  My own parents once bought me 5 different notebooks for part of a birthday present. I'm sure I'm not the only one that has so much love for stationery, so here are some gifts for that person in your life..

1. Floral ruled magnetic journal - £6.50 - Paperchase
2. A5 Day to Day 2015 Diary - £12.00 - Paperchase
3. V&A William Morris Writing Set - £7.00 - V&A Shop
4. Mews Ditsy Notebook & Pen Gift Set - £20.00 - Cath Kidston
5. Kate Spade Rotating Stamp - £22.95 - Liberty
6. Rabbit 2015 Calendar - £12.95 - Liberty 

You have no idea how hard it was to keep this down to 6 gifts! I 100% need to go to Liberty next time I'm in London (hopefully January!)


Thursday 27 November 2014

Christmas Gifts for The Jewellery Lover

Who doesn't love jewellery?! I think it's always a great gift, and definitely one that I love to receive. I rarely buy myself jewellery, so I love it when other people buy it for me! All of the gifts below are £20 or under, apart from a liiiittle tiny splurge item.. Because I just can't resist Tiffany's..! 

1. Personalised Mini Heart Necklace - £20.00 - Notonthehighstreet
2. Dachshund Earrings - £9.50 - Ohhdeer
3. Turntable Necklace - £5.00 - Hero&Cape
4. Multi-shape Necklace - £6.00 - Boohoo
5. Geometric Stacking Rings - £6.99 - Missguided
6. Heart Tag Bracelet - £105.00 - Tiffany & Co

I'll have one of everything please! What's been your favourite piece of jewellery to buy or receive?! 


Tuesday 25 November 2014

Christmas Gifts for The Animal Lover

… Aaaaand in my third instalment of gift guides - Gifts for the animal lover! Everyone knows someone that loves animals. I certainly do. Anything with a cute animal on is a great gift for me. Here's a few that I've found (and want)!

1. Pelican Watch Crop Tee / Pug Tee - £24.99 / £29.99 - Otter and Goat
2. Woodland Rabbit Fairy Lights - £19.99 - Dotcomgiftshop
4. 'I Like You' Pencil Case - £7.00 - Ohhdeer
5. Fox Pattern Circle Scarf - £9.79 - Etsy 
6. 'Love My Cat' Mug - £12.75 - Notonthehighstreet

If you hadn't already noticed, I've been trying to stay clear of your typical high-street stores for these gift guides. I'd much rather receive something that I've never seen anywhere else, it feels more personal and thought about (and besides, you can just order them online, no pushing and shoving your way through the shops!).

I especially love the t-shirts over at Otter and Goat, they're all hand-drawn illustrations, you can tell that so much time and effort goes into making them. They look loads better than the t-shirts you can find on the high-street, and you don't have the trouble of bumping into every other person who's wearing the same top! 


Monday 24 November 2014

Christmas Gifts for The Craft Lover

Lots of us enjoy being crafty now-a-days, I'm sure many of us have a friend or family member that enjoys a bit of DIY! Here's some cute, crafty pressies for those people in your lives (or if that person's you.. why not treat yourself!)

1. Stag Woodcraft Construction Kit - £4.30 - Nook & Cranny
2. Vista Kraft Scrapbook - £10.00 - Paperchase
3. Radio Sewing Basket - £32.30 (SALE!) - Cath Kidston
4. Knit Your Own Zoo - £12.99 - Nook & Cranny
5. Cross Stitch iPhone Case - £5.00 - Hobbycraft
6. Beginner's Cross Stitch Carry Kit - £20.00 - John Lewis

I feel like I really need that Sewing Basket.. Even though I never do any sewing! Damn Cath Kidston making me want everything in their shop. I love the idea of buying or receiving crafty/DIY gifts, it's something that I wouldn't think to buy myself, and could be the start of a new hobby!


Sunday 23 November 2014

Christmas Gifts for the Home

Everyone always has some sort of struggle with Christmas gifts. Some people are just really hard to buy for. I've been on the hunt recently and thought I'd make a few posts to cover gifts for different people!.. So today's gifts are all for the home..

1. Harry Potter Platform Print - Not On The High Street - £7.00
2. Teenage Mutant Ninja Bunny Cushion - OhhDeer - £29.95*
3. Owl & Pussycat Flask - Paperchase - £12.00
4. My Big Mug Christmas Pudding - Paperchase - £8.00
5. Rosa White Frame - Paperchase - £10.00
6. Cath Kidston Weighing Scales - Cath Kidston - £25.00

*Slight self-promotion here. I designed this cushion and a few others for a competition over at Ohhdeer.com, who host competitions to get new designs for products into their shop! I think it's a brilliant idea and I submitted 4 designs into their Pillow Fight competition. If you click through to the cushion, you'll see some social media links that you can use to share my design, and help me to win, which I'd be forever grateful for!

Anyway… I would very much like all of these gifts, particularly the Cath Kidston scales. I've always lusted after them so.. hint hint! I hope my gift ideas have helped you out, look out for the rest of my 'Christmas Gifts for…' posts over the next couple of weeks for some inspiration!


Saturday 22 November 2014

Six Sparkly Dresses Under £60!

First thing's first.. I'm back! I lost my willingness to blog half-way through my holiday posts. My plan was always to blog every couple of days whilst I was in Florida, but I had absolutely no time. So I thought I'd do it when I was home, but I just became fed up of it.

But, I'm back, I've been feeling the urge to get back into it for a week or so now.. And whilst I have nothing to do this weekend, why not get on with it!

It's my work's Christmas party in 2 weeks time, and I'm constantly trawling every site I can think of in hopes of finding the perfect dress, for a very small price.. It hasn't happened just yet, but here are some gorgeous, sparkly dresses that I've been eyeing up…

1. Navy Sequin High Neck Bodycon - New Look - £24.99
2. Black Sequin Cowl Back - ASOS - £55.00
3. Bandeau Midi Dress with Sequin Bodice - TFNC@ASOS - £50.00
4. Sequinned Dress - Zara - £59.99
5. Zip Back Sequin Panel Dress - Boohoo - £30.00
6. Navy Sparkle Bodycon Dress - River Island - £42.00

Which one's your favourite? I can't wait to go shopping and try on anything and everything that sparkles!