Sunday, 23 November 2014

Christmas Gifts for the Home

Everyone always has some sort of struggle with Christmas gifts. Some people are just really hard to buy for. I've been on the hunt recently and thought I'd make a few posts to cover gifts for different people!.. So today's gifts are all for the home..

1. Harry Potter Platform Print - Not On The High Street - £7.00
2. Teenage Mutant Ninja Bunny Cushion - OhhDeer - £29.95*
3. Owl & Pussycat Flask - Paperchase - £12.00
4. My Big Mug Christmas Pudding - Paperchase - £8.00
5. Rosa White Frame - Paperchase - £10.00
6. Cath Kidston Weighing Scales - Cath Kidston - £25.00

*Slight self-promotion here. I designed this cushion and a few others for a competition over at, who host competitions to get new designs for products into their shop! I think it's a brilliant idea and I submitted 4 designs into their Pillow Fight competition. If you click through to the cushion, you'll see some social media links that you can use to share my design, and help me to win, which I'd be forever grateful for!

Anyway… I would very much like all of these gifts, particularly the Cath Kidston scales. I've always lusted after them so.. hint hint! I hope my gift ideas have helped you out, look out for the rest of my 'Christmas Gifts for…' posts over the next couple of weeks for some inspiration!



  1. Love a good home ware post!! Nice to see a Christmas gifts post with a little bit of a twist. You're pillow design is pretty rad too by the way...gave it a little share on my blog facebook page :)

    Best wishes, Danielle xo

    1. Ahh thank you! That's lovely of you xxx