Sunday, 17 August 2014

Florida - Day 7 - Busch Gardens

We got up early to head to IHOP for breakfast, again, (yummy as always) before heading to Busch Gardens for the day! 

We managed to catch a couple of animals being fed before heading to the Serengeti Safari that we'd booked. The safari takes people out in quite small groups, on the back of a car, with a guide and a photographer. We were driven around all the different animals that they keep at the park, and told all about them. Our guide was really funny and very informative, which was great as you can sometimes get those guides that are super boring to listen to, and she wasn't at all!

We also stopped for a while to feed a giraffe! I've fed giraffes before at South Lakes Wild Animal Park, but it was great to do it again, especially being even closer. We were handed food to feed to her, and took it in turns to have photographs taken too. 

Unfortunately, yet another storm came along and cut our day short. We were rushed off at the end of our safari because of it, and the park closed all the rides! We wondered around and looked at the animals for a while, but there was soon nothing else left to do and so we went back to the villa! 

That evening we went to Golden Corral buffet, which was pretty rubbish if I'm being honest! There was quite a lot to choose from, but it just didn't taste very good. I tried some of their 'famous' fried chicken, which tasted of pure grease, I managed one bite and couldn't go near it again. I ended up eating salad more than anything. We wanted ice cream for dessert too, but the machine had broken and the staff weren't listening to a man that was telling them the machine was broken, which was a bit annoying. I did manage to get some ice cream from somewhere else in the restaurant though, so it wasn't too bad. They did have cotton candy, which we obviously had to have, and that was probably the highlight of the whole meal! 

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