Friday, 15 August 2014

Florida - Day 6 - Clearwater, Tampa

We drove to Clearwater early in the morning, and stopped off for a McDonalds breakfast, I was gutted that they didn't do bacon butties :( and so I opted for pancakes, and of course a hash brown.

We went on a 'Sea Screamer' to do a bit of dolphin spotting! We also stopped to see some homes of the rich and famous in Clearwater, which was pretty interesting. The guide told us about what's in some of the houses, like secret tunnels to the sea, countless bedrooms etc. We also saw a shark (boat..). 

We spotted a few dolphins after being out to sea for only a few minutes, and later on we managed to get them jumping in the waves behind us, which was awesome to watch!

Once we'd checked into our hotel for the night, we headed out for pizza. Trip Advisor told us that a little place called Post Corner Pizza did amazing pizza, so we decided to try there. Admittedly, at first, the service wasn't too good. As we ordered drinks and they didn't arrive for about 15mins, although everyone else seemed to be being served. It turned out that our waitress was stuck with a huge table at the other end of the restaurant! After that mishap, everything else was fine. I ordered a buffalo chicken pizza, which was amazing. I couldn't eat the whole thing, and took half of it back to the hotel for later!

Everywhere in Tampa advertised how great the view from their restaurant/bar was for the sunset, and so we decided that we should probably watch it. I also finally decided that I should use my DSLR, seeing as I'd taken it and not used it once. I managed to get some pretty decent photographs, although it was hard not to with it being such an amazing view.

Once the sun had set, we decided to opt for an early night, and of course eat pizza in bed. Unfortunately, I barely slept, as I had this view from my bed. As lovely as the view was, it kept me a wake because it was so bright! 

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