Thursday, 21 August 2014

Florida - Day 7-9 - Disney World

On day 7 we went to Florida's outlet malls, which was great and I spent far too much money! I did buy my parents, brother, and boyfriend some birthday presents though.

On day 8 we got up early and headed to Disney World. My friend had surprised me by booking a Disney hotel for the night, as we had a 2-day ticket!

We were in the Toy Story hotel at the All Star Movies resort, it was awesome outside, with huuuuuuuge versions of the toys! We checked in early, and couldn't go to our room as it wasn't ready. Luckily they have a baggage check-in service, and so we checked our bags in and headed for Animal Kingdom.

We got Magic Bands included in the price of our hotel room at Disney, which act as your hotel key, park tickets and fast passes! They were super handy, as they're just worn on your wrist and get scanned whenever you need to use them. In Magic Kingdom, we went on the Kali River Rapids (and thankfully didn't get as soaked as the rapids in Universal!), Expedition Everest, Dinosaur and went to watch the Festival of The Lion King show, which was awesome! We also ate dinner at Yak & Yeti, where you can choose to eat inside or outside. We wanted to eat inside, to escape the heat, but it was $10 extra to do so! The food was quite good, we had honey chicken, and sweet and sour chicken, with egg fried rice. It was slightly odd to be eating hot food, outside in the heat, though! 

After Magic Kingdom, we headed to Epcot. We walked the whole way around Epcot, and went in many many shops, and sat down for about 40mins in the shade with a slushy! We were almost melting, and couldn't face walking around or actually doing anything. Once we'd made our way out, we went to see if our room was ready, as we hadn't received a text like we should have, to tell us that it was ready for us. It turned out that the lady that checked us in, just didn't write our number down even though we read it out to her..! We finally got to our room, and had a well deserved rest. Then we went to Downtown Disney to have a look around, and decided we'd go to Crossroads, which is a mall and lots of restaurants. We'd been recommended it as it was only a 'short walk' from Downtown Disney. I don't know about you, but I don't call a 1.5mile walk a 'short' one, especially when you've walked around two Disney parks during the day! 

The walk turned out to be pretty worth it, we went to Uno Pizzaria & Grill, and seeing as they're well known for their pizzas, we had pizza. I had the Prosciutto Arugula Artisan pizza, which was amaaaaazing. Our waiter was lovely and very attentive too, and they had tablet-type-things on the table that you could play games on, order food and drink on, and pay your bill on. We were easily impressed by this, and even more impressed when it printed our receipt too! My friends parents picked us up after the meal, as we were too tired to walk back!  

The next day, we had a bit of a lie in, and headed to Disney's Hollywood Studios, I think this was probably my favourite park. I love all the 'behind the scenes' things to films, we went on the Studio Backlot Tour, and then went to 'Where Disney Characters Come From' at the Magic of Disney Animation. We had a look around the galleries after, which were awesome and we wanted to buy all of the framed prints from the shop. We decided to find the Animation Station, where you take a drawing class and learn how to draw a Disney character.. We thought we'd found it, and went into a room, where Minnie Mouse happened to be, oops, wrong room! But we felt obliged to have a photograph taken, we didn't want to upset Minnie! The photo was absolutely awful, we both look extremely exhausted, and so it's been swiftly deleted from existence! 

We did find the Animation Station, eventually! I was pretty relieved that my drawing wasn't absolutely terrible!

Once we'd walked around Hollywood Studios for a long time (we didn't go on any rides there, we didn't fancy the long queues in the heat!) We headed over to Magic Kingdom (after a 40min wait in the baking heat for the bus, grrrrr). We had a fast-pass for Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin, because why the hell not. It was actually really good fun, you shoot all the batteries to defeat Zurg, and you have control of your chairs, so you can spin them around, which we did a liiiiittle bit too much! 

We also went on Stitch's Great Escape, which was pretty rubbish, and despite being told it was rubbish by many people, we still went on it! We also went on Big Thunder Mountain, as we had a fast-pass for that too. There was a man sat in front of us on the ride, filming it with his phone, and he kept turning around and filming us and laughing his head off. It was pretty amusing and weird all at the same time!

We wondered around the shops once we'd used our fast-passes, and then sat down for an ice cream (birthday cake flavour, and cookies and cream flavour, with caramel and cream!)

Considering we weren't going to bother going to Disney, I'm super glad we did. It's a magical place, and even though we were way too hot, and didn't go on many rides, we still really enjoyed it. I'll be back there one day! 


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