Saturday, 2 August 2014

Florida - Day 3 - Universal Studios & Islands of Adventure

I'm not too sure how well this blog post will go, as I've decided to try out the Blogger app.. Apparently my laptop and the wifi don't get on too well, but my phone is fine! So here it goes..

We were up and ready for 7.30am yesterday, and at Islands of Adventure for 8.30-9am. We decided to stroll around and check everything out, and get on any rides that had barely any queues. 

We absolutely loved the Spider-Man ride, it was amazing! Full of 'oooh's and 'woaaaaah!'s!

Then we got to the amazing Hogsmeade. Where I obviously had to take a selfie with the Hogswart Express! It wasn't too busy when we got there, which we'd hoped for, so we wondered around the shops and wanted to buy everything. 

We then took the Hogswart Express over to Universal Studios. It was brilliant, every detail's been thought about, it was easily one of my favourite parts of the day. 

We arrived in London, where we met the Knight Bus Conductor! 

Of course, we went to Diagon Alley. Which was amazing. Unfortunately we didn't go on the Escape From Gringotts ride, we didn't fancy queuing for 4 hours! 

Instead, we wondered around all the cool shops and bought ourselves and family some pressies. I actually found a keyring with my name on it, which is very rare, so I had to buy that! 

We headed over to Springfield, and went on the ride, which was alright! And then went for a yummy pizza and sat in Moes. 

We spent a few hours wandering around all the shops, trying to keep cool and dying from the heat. I went on the Hulk ride, but I came off with a banging headache! We had a really good time though, the park is amazing, and we're gonna head back for an afternoon next week, as it was waaaaaaay too hot at the time we went! 

On the way back to the villa, we stopped off at Krispy Kreme and got an assorted dozen between us all (that reminds me, I still have one left mmm!). We chilled in the villa to escape the heat for a bit, and then went out for tea to Smokey Bones, which was really good. I had the Chicken Parmasan Burger, which was super tasty!


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