Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Goodbye, hair!

I have pretty long hair, and I have since I was about 16. Throughout high school, I really hated my hair. Everyone had GHD's, and poker straight hair. My hair does NOT do straight, at all! I hated the way it flicked out at the ends, because it was shoulder length, and because my hair's naturally wavy.

Eventually, my hair started to grow past my shoulders, and I figured out how to curl my hair. Since then I've had so many compliments on my hair, and grown to love it!

In January, I took the plunge and had about 5 inches cut off it, it felt a bit lifeless and too heavy. I absolutely loved it! My hair is super thick, so thinning it out at the hairdressers is a must for me (shame I only find myself visiting once or twice a year..!).

This is my hair at the moment, it's grown a lot since January. I'm finding it to be way too thick yet again, it just annoys me all the time, and I can't be bothered with styling it!

I'm also going to Florida in 2 weeks (aaahhhh so excited!!!) and so, I think that having it chopped and thinned out it something that I really need to do. Not to mention it's my graduation in 2 days!

I'm getting it cut tomorrow in Manchester, and I can't wait. I finally found a salon that I love, unfortunately the lady that cut my hair in January is leaving to go back to Australia (where she's from), so I hope that her colleague is just as good!

I'm thinking of having about 4-5 inches cut off this time, taking it to shoulder length. I feel as though it's time for a bit of a change, and it grows so fast, that it doesn't really matter if I don't like the length! I wear my hair wavy 90% of the time, and so I'm thinking of going for this kind of look…

I think that it'll be tonnes easier to style, and it will feel so much lighter!

I've also been looking at hairstyles to try out over summer, especially in Florida. As I know that having my hair down will probably be annoying with the heat, and so I'm hoping to try out some different bun hairstyles. I'll also probably want to keep my hair out of my face, and so clipping it back will definitely be something that I'll be experimenting with. I hope that I'll actually be able to get some hairstyles to work, nothing works at the moment as my hair's simply too thick, and too heavy!


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  1. I think you'll suit shorter hair! Especially considering yours is naturally wavy. I have to plait mine before bed to make it wavy the next day, otherwise I have to straighten it because my natural wave is so awkward at the moment as I only got it cut about a month ago!