Sunday, 15 June 2014

Interior Inspiration - Living Rooms

The first in (what will be) a series of inspiration posts, is Interior Inspiration. Today's inspiration focuses on living rooms. I spend the most time in my living room than any other room in my house (if you don't count sleeping in bed!), and so, I find it super important for the room to look fab, and where do you begin with making your living room look fab? The internet of course. There are endless blogs and websites giving us tons and tons of inspiration, not forgetting Pinterest of course!

(Photo credit Here Here Here Here Here Here Here Here, they can all also be found on my Pinterest)

I absolutely love simple, cosy living rooms. I can never choose between bright colours or a neutral palette, but either way, I adore both. I also really like the use of bold patterns in a living room, whether it's carried across the room through various rugs/cushions/artwork in the same room, or focused on one element. 

Something else that I find important in living rooms is artwork. One big statement piece, or lots of smaller pieces that make up one big feature. After living in a flat where I wasn't allowed to hang artwork for 2 years, living in a house where I am allowed is brilliant! 

I hope you've enjoyed this post, let me know what your favourite or most important part of a living room is in the comments, or even where you find the most inspiration for interiors! 


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