Saturday, 14 June 2014


Here comes the obligatory welcome post..!

My name is Carrie, I'm 22 and live in Manchester, working as a Digital Designer. I'm about to graduate with a First class degree(!!!) in Design for Digital Media, which I'm very chuffed about!

I live in Manchester, with my boyfriend, Mark, and our house bunny, Paris.

I've started this blog as a little side project. I (obviously) have a passion for design, I also love to blog, so why not do it all in one place?! Expect inspiration posts, web design, graphic design, interior design, tricks and tips, illustration, animation, beauty, fashion and lifestyle posts. Sooooo, basically everything involved in my life! 


  1. Hello Carrie

    Welcome to the world of blogging. Remember this is your blog, you do not need to conform to what others are blogging about, find inspiration in every corner, be amazed by the smallest things in life and you are allowed to be as conceited as you like.

    If things are getting to tough in life, take the time to breathe, focus and indulge in that bubble bath.

    Enjoy the blogging adventure, meet new people and perhaps find out new things about yourself that will impress your mind.

    Keep Smiling

  2. Hi!! Welcome to the blogging community! :D
    I can't wait to read more, especially about your rabbit! I just lost my house rabbit Bunny and he's left a big hole.

    Best wishes, Danielle.

    1. Thank you! Oh no I'm so sorry to hear, they're such amazing pets! xxx