Saturday, 21 June 2014

Shop for Summer - Orange Really is The New Black

Anyone that's seen Orange is The New Black absolutely loves it, and it just so happens that orange is really in this summer, what a lovely coincidence! I have to say, I'm always the one to buy plenty of black clothes and never anything bright.. But I do love orange and these would definitely be my picks!

1. Oasis £45 - This dress is so perfect, it's on trend, bold, bright and flattering. It's perfect for a special occasion (birthdays, graduations) or as day-to-night wear.

2. New Look £17.99 - skorts are not only super on-trend, but they're really practical too, no more worrying about your floaty skirt blowing up in the wind! This skort is so easy to wear, dressed down with a plain white t-shirt and converse.. or dressed up with a pretty vest-top and heels.

3. Motel @ Topshop £35 - Motel never fail to impress with their bold designs, and this beauty definitely doesn't disappoint! It could be paired with sandals and a denim jacket for day time, or heels and a clutch for evening wear.

4. Miss Selfridge £55 - How gorgeous is this dress? It's absolutely perfect for any special occasions this summer!

5. M&S £39.50 - Everyone loves a good bag and this one speaks for itself, it's structured and bold and I think that I really.. really need it..

6. Kurt Geiger @ Topshop £199 - Okay, I definitely couldn't afford these but they're just gorgeous!

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