Thursday, 26 June 2014

Interior Inspiration - Monochrome

Who doesn't love monochrome? It's classic, bold and chic. I'm definitely one of those people that always goes for the black/white/grey item, whether it's in clothing or in home decorations! I've found some of my favourite things, that I either want need, or I already own, as a source of inspiration for you. Nothing on this list is over £27! I'm a bargain hunter at heart and refuse to pay much for anything!

1. Tesco £10 - I actually own this cushion! It's black and white chevron pattern is eye-catching, and the yellow edging adds a lovely pop of colour.

2. Wilkinsons £27 -  Everyone loves a good baroque pattern, and this beautiful mirror would look amazing on any wall. The white frame would look amazing against a coloured or darker wall!

3. Asda £20 - I really want this lamp.. It's classy, chic and absolutely gorgeous.

4. Etsy £10-17 - This lovely photograph caught my eye on Etsy, it's definitely something different and there's only one available, so it's completely unique!


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